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Come As You Are- Virtual Summit – Finding Your Way Out of Darkness with Megan Ashley


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Your photos are awesome and I appreciate each and every update that you share. But your ability to articulate sadness is what keeps me coming back. You paint one hell of a narrative with your keyboard. Thanks for sharing.” –M, Patreon

“Your work is really great, super relevant and is helping me out a great deal. Just wanted to say thank you. You’re doing a lot for queer sexworkers.”- Anonymous Blog Reader 

“God you fill my heart and body with so much positive energy on a Saturday morning! I feel like I can take on the world! Guys should subscribe to you instead of those boner pills on TV…just sayin.” – Anonymous Client from Sextpanther

“Since I signed up for SextP you’ve given me amazing orgasms, opened up my fantasy life and now are giving me honest and helpful dating advice. You are like a sexy life coach :)” – Anonymous Client from Sextpanther