It’s a wrap- May 2018. Masturbation, Sexting & THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING

May was masturbation month, and boy did I do a lot of it! Why?

me with my teacher’s pointer on Chaturbate.

Well, I got a lovely box to review which came with my new favorite toy (keep an eye out for my review coming up in two weeks!). Every time a company sends me a new vibrator, it quickly becomes my new favorite(LOL). I think it’s because I still have about 10 toys altogether. I’m a newbie. A very happy, easy to impress newbie. I’m sure that will change with time and I will eventually find a vibrator I don’t like.

I also made my grand return back to Chaturbate and have been webcamming again. This also led to tons of masturbation, most of the time with an audience. So I think Masturbation May went quite well on my end! Continue reading “It’s a wrap- May 2018. Masturbation, Sexting & THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING”

April Wrap Up

Mental Health

I hid my desire planner in April. I’d been using it each month to map out my core desired feelings, something that is usually fun and makes me feel organized, but other times it’s just stressful. When a tool that is supposed to be helpful and convenient starts to stress me out, I stop and wonder why I need that stress in my life? It makes me remember that I need to stop and check my routine every now and then, is what I’m doing really working for me? Is planning out my feelings and desires helpful or does it cause me anxiety? Sometimes I force myself to let go of those A-type habits to move forward.

wearing a gag, as per usual. It’s self-care!!! 🙂 I like it because it forces me to shut the fuck up & think about the drool. My mouth & anxiety is silenced for a few minutes, score!

Last month my therapist told me to put my self-care time into my calendar since I used that as my daily guide. I guess I’m still trying to figure out what my self-care really is? Sometimes it’s cleaning and organizing, sometimes it’s making lists (I believe both of those can really help OR hinder my anxiety, depending on the month), sometimes it’s taking nudes, sometimes wearing a gag (see to the left), sometimes masturbating. It feels like it’s always changing. Maybe I’ll get into my self-care routine next month. Continue reading “April Wrap Up”

It’s a wrap- March 2018

Podcasts & Virtual Summit

MarchBeingThereThis month my episode of the Being There Podcast was released, Being A Victim of Attempted Murder. I recorded this with Dick and Kellie all the way back in November when I went to New York. It was an incredible trip. Not only did I record this episode (which brought up all of the feels of the night everything happened), but I also went to a munch, a dungeon party, AND had my first experience with knife-play. I was curious about it since I met Dick, and I wasn’t sure how I would respond to the knives. We talk about Continue reading “It’s a wrap- March 2018”

It’s a wrap- February 2018 wrap up

FEBWRAP1HOT DAMN, February flew right by!

February Core Desired Feelings:

  • Stable
  • Creative
  • Ready
  • Loved
    I’m not sure why I put “ready”. Wish I’d elaborated more on this in my journal on the 1st, but alas I did not. I guess I must have meant ready to resume life again after the hell that was January.

Did I achieve these feelings?

YES. This month I really got my groove back!

Continue reading “It’s a wrap- February 2018 wrap up”

It’s a wrap, JANUARY 2018!

I saw a meme on Facebook that said something like

“January was one helluva year- but we got through it!”

and I couldn’t agree more. It felt never-ending… and a lot happened! Now, here we are, already almost in mid-Feb and I’m barely getting around to writing this. Phew.

I am very excited to have my own little blog to be able to do whatever dumb shit I want- like this here wrap up. Who would even read this? I don’t know- we’ll see… at the very least, I’ll be able to look back on my year and remember the fun (and not so fun) details that I would otherwise forget (I have a horrible memory). Let’s dive in, shall we? Continue reading “It’s a wrap, JANUARY 2018!”