It’s a wrap- February 2018 wrap up

FEBWRAP1HOT DAMN, February flew right by!

February Core Desired Feelings:

  • Stable
  • Creative
  • Ready
  • Loved
    I’m not sure why I put “ready”. Wish I’d elaborated more on this in my journal on the 1st, but alas I did not. I guess I must have meant ready to resume life again after the hell that was January.

Did I achieve these feelings?

YES. This month I really got my groove back!


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me, on a self-date, drinking iced tea and writing in this very hip coffee shop in Los Angeles ❤

My anxiety makes it so hard for me to do the things I want to do… it’s a constant struggle (I finally did get an appointment to see a new therapist, can’t wait to see how it goes).

Last month I talked about how I was prioritizing dates- friend dates, kinky dates, etc. This month no new dating happened, but I did find time to go on dates with my primary partner, my best friend, AND go on lots of lovely dates by myself. The two big outings of the month were both for networking purposes, as well as fun.

I went to a Valentine’s Day event to see my friend Leigh speak on dating in the digital age.  Leigh helps us a lot with, and she’s my sex coach. We have gotten to be pretty close, so seeing her is always a good time. I met a wonderful new poly-person during the talk… Y’all know I LOVE talking about my polyamory experiences, so we exchanged numbers and I hope to see them again sometime 🙂

The next event was to my local-once-a-month artwalk. It was my first time since moving to my new city! I pretty much went just to see this cool art vendor called Ghoul Vibrations (thanks to Red Hot Suz for sharing a picture of an awesome Lollipop Crop Ghoul Vibrations makes! They didn’t have it at the event, so if someone is feeling generous and wants to buy me a gift- that’d be a perfect one ;)!) I got some awesome pins and a vulva necklace! Yeahhh! Then my partner K and I went to a gay bar and had some drinks and laughs- a perfect evening.


I’m excited to add this to my monthly wrap-ups. Sex toys haven’t always been on my radar, but I’m very glad they are now. The toys I am into this month are the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, and a new edition to my collection from the Lovely folks at TooTimid, The Marvelous Flicker. The Satisfyer is still my #1, but I was pleasantly surprised by the flicker and will be writing a review on it soon.


This month was so much easier than January. I seem to have dug myself out of the dark depression and found myself feeling lighter, free, and like a layer has peeled off of me. While I do feel more stable and creative (two of the goals I had in mind for the month), I also feel very vulnerable and open, which is kinda scary.

I consider myself to be an over-sharer and a processing nerd, one of the ways I’ve found self care is by starting my own patreon account and spending lots of time writing things that people who care enough about what I say actually PAY for! This has helped my creativity LOADS. I push myself to post consistently because there is an exchange of money, and I’ll often schedule in photo-shoot times and special times to make videos that normally would be at the bottom of my list. This has been amazing for me, and I’m so thankful to all of my patrons for interacting with me and encouraging me to keep on going.


Reading is one of my favorite forms of self-care. I have given myself a goal of 4 books a month, but this month I only finished two… either way, both of these books were absolutely incredible and I highly recommend reading them.

May Cause Love- an unexpected journey of enlightenment after abortion
by Kassi Underwood

From Here to Eternity– Traveling the World to Find the Good Death by Caitlin Doughty


My Month, 1 Second a Day…


That’s all for February! If you liked my wrap up, please share!
What happened in your month? What sex toys should I try next?



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